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Welcome to the web site STEVIA NATURA


STEVIA NATURA is moving into its new facilities. A production unit for stevia rebaudiana extracts has been built and we are moving into it at the present time (see that in the news). This is the first, and unique stevia extract production unit in Europe. Following its association with STEVIA INTERNACIONAL EUROPE and its partners, STEVIA NATURA continues to develop its production activity in a new building with the most updated quality standards, and, thanks to that, offers its customers more services, more quality and closeness. This new industrial facility will allow us to go further in the development of our company and its aim : to offer consumers a larger access to that natural plant sweetener, stevia ant its extracts.

The next step : to set up a short supply chain with stevia plants grown in Europe and in France, we will talk about that soon.

See you soon therefore afterwards of STEVIA NATURA story

Stevia ly Yours !

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